Before I say anything about me, I'd like to say thank you to my parents, friends, and family for all their support over the years. Add in every teacher and mentor thats shown me how to become a better artist and professional. I also have tremendous amount of gratitude for all the people I've worked with over the course of my career. Thank you for all the opportunities, patience, and encouragement.

I'm really lucky to find my passion early in life. A career in art was always my goal, and that lead me to Kendall College of Art & Design. After college I spent some time learning with a small advertising company. A couple years later came a role with a marketing agency that allowed me to work with some of the best brands in the furniture industry like Herman Miller and Haworth. Next was a position as a Senior Digital Designer at Meijer. A great organization, full of amazing people that encouraged me to develop and grow my skills in new ways. It was also a chance to work on a large scale ecommerce site and that experience helped me to start designing for Wolverine World Wide and the Merrell brand. Merrell is another great organization with a unique culture, one that gave me a new appreciation for conservation and the outdoors.

While all that was happening, I meet a girl and got married. We now have three amazing daughters and one high-energy dog (Carl). Having the girls has made me realize just how fast time can go. So after getting over the fear, and with a lot of support, I’ve taken a chance and started my own studio. I don’t know where it’ll go in the end, but I do know that to be able to work for yourself, and do what you’re passionate about is truly a blessing.