A brand is more than a logo, business cards, or a website. It’s your voice in the marketplace. It’s an opportunity to create something with lasting impact. It’s how you tell your story, and it’s key to success.

Consumers are looking for brands that represent their values and ethics. Offering transparency and accountability builds trust. My goal is to help clients visually communicate their story in honest and unique ways that help build customer loyalty.

My role in the branding process is to give the client's core values a visual identity. In the best cases, the photography, design, and copy writing to clearly convey who the brand is. Well-established brands may need a fresh perspective on how customers see them, others might be starting from scratch. In either case, I creating identities for brands is a special kind of project to be part of.

The following images are from a recent branding project I worked on for Merrell. My role was to create a guide for how the brand would appear in digital spaces.

A printed piece aimed to introduce consumers to the wider variety of brands in the Wolverine family.

While part of the Meijer team, I developed a comprehensive brand guidebook for the implementation of the mPerks program. Still failrly new at the time, mPerks is the loyalty program that offered savings and discounts to repeat customers.

Personal Branding

Logo, business cards, envelopes, and website. A fun challenge while launching the studio was creating the branding. When it's a personal project and anything is possible it can feel intimidating, but I think the end result clearly communicates my design easthetic.