Depending on the project, a sites’ success can be measured by increases in conversion, and other times by how effectively a message is communicated. In either case, relying on the core fundamentals of graphic design can make complex content simple to understand and increase a sites effectiveness.

My approach is to look through the eyes of the user, never overcomplicate things and present a clear visual hierarchy. The following examples showcase some recent website designs and landing pages.

App Design

I was fortunate to work with a great group of people at Meijer on a special Back to School campaign that included an interactive shopping experience. After some months of hard work we launched the app to great success and received a Gold Addy Award for Best Digital Advertising.

The second example showcases an app created for the Merrell brand that enabled customers to find the perfect pair of hiking boots based on their needs. A series of questions produced curated product recommendations to help them navigate through the full assortment.

UI and UX Design

The blueprint for every site and the pathways people use to find the content they’re looking for. When I’m working on a user interface or my goal is always to keep things simple and clearly establish the flow of content and traffic.

Email Design

The one place almost everyone visits daily - their inbox. Whether it’s purely promotional, communicating a message, or triggered emails that focus on customer retention and acquisition, email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your audience. Through trial and error I’ve learned some valuable lessons on what can make a campaign successful. Here are some of my recent favorites.